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Are you having trouble looking for the best epoxy slurries your money can buy? Do you want to find a contracting enterprise that will cater to your epoxy slurry needs and requirements? Look no more because Epoxy Slurry Systems Phoenix has all the answers. We are the best deal the state has to offer, and that’s not us being modest. Epoxy Phoenix Pros use products and put in the work that can back this claim up.

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 What is Epoxy Slurry Phoenix Az?

The epoxy slurry is a thick and smooth-textured mixture of concrete cement and water used in the construction industry. Workers use it for the improvement of a structure’s durability, as well as for aesthetic purposes. It is relatively easy to make an epoxy slurry mix. However, the by-product only has limited time for its shelf life. So make some in small bunches only, and use them right away to avoid having wasted materials. You can use epoxy slurries Phoenix in residential, commercial, and industrial settings:

  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Breweries
  • Halls
  • Laboratories
  • Kitchens and cooking areas
  • Factories and plants

The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Slurry Phoenix

Epoxy slurry works best to create beautiful and seamless floors, plus it is not a hassle to maintain it. Here are some advantages and benefits of using epoxy slurry Phoenix.

  • The epoxy slurry is durable, resilient, and resistant to many stains, chemicals, and water.
  • You have the option to customize the color and texture to fit your business’s needs and requirements. Besides, our mixtures are available in Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA colors. Always choose a safe floor coating for your floors!
  • You may clean and sanitize our epoxy slurry coatings to your heart’s content. These materials are easy to work with and do not require a lot of effort to maintain.
  • The epoxy slurry can assist in giving new life to old and damaged concrete. Epoxy slurry leaves you with a brand-new-looking floor without the trouble of replacing and making a new one.
  • Replacing concrete is messy and expensive. And that is the reason why many businesses and homeowners are opting for slurries instead. It is cost-efficient. You get to save a lot of money, plus make your concrete floorings last longer.

How Do You Maintain Epoxy Slurry


Our epoxy slurry products mandate effortless maintenance and cleaning. Plus, there is no need to use heavy equipment for the job. And here are some tips on how you can manage the upkeep without breaking a sweat.

  • You can dust and broom the slurry daily and at any time. You may also use a neutral pH cleaner and a mop to lend you a hand in the process.
  • If wear and abrasion are present, you may have to install a new topcoat. This aspect will require you to clean and remove any excess dirt and grease on the flooring beforehand.
  • If your setting has visible joint cuts and saw cuts, you may clean them with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum only once every month. If such a tool is not present, you may still perform the maintenance with a bristle broom or brush.
  • Be wary when working with cleaning solutions and agents. Some have chemical contents that may damage or wear the slurry down. 
  • You may remove stains with a stiff nylon brush. Finish the task with water and a towel.

Preparation Of The Epoxy Slurry

The preparation of epoxy slurry can be complicated, and a single misstep can lead to unwanted results. You can handle the mix without a professional by your side. But it would be best to leave it to us, as it takes precision and skill to do so. Whether it’s for garage coating or on a commercial space, here is how we do it on a typical flooring surface.

  • First, we prepare our unique slurry mixture on-site. We do so by carefully making measurements and mixing the materials with a high-grade hand mixer.
  • The next part is to clear out the surface where the epoxy will go. We make sure to remove every bit of dirt, debris, and other things that might make the coating uneven.
  • Next, we grind down cracks with precision to reveal the concrete below. This step will allow for better slurry adherence. And if there is damage, we might need to apply our mending and patching materials.
  • Once everything is set, the troweling procedure can begin. Our trowels can spread the coating evenly and efficiently.
  • After the slurry installation, next comes the curing part. We will have to wait for some time to let the compound dry out properly.
  • Once the curing is complete, we will do the last part of the process. This part is the application of a sealing coating that seals the overall spread. The sealant will guarantee the new flooring’s look, durability, and strength. 

Our Installation Areas


Epoxy Slurry Systems Phoenix can work on your commercial properties all around Phoenix. We can install beautiful and efficient flooring systems that will boost your business tenfold. Our services will fit your needs and requirements without compromising on quality.


Why does everyone think that flooring methods only limit you to using ordinary materials? Our epoxy slurry is one-of-a-kind, which is why it is popular among many homeowners. It adds charm to your space without giving your wallet a hard time. 

Why Get Epoxy Phoenix Pros for your Flooring Needs?

We are a locally-owned professional epoxy and concrete surfacing company with more than ten years of experience in the industry. Our company has a bond, certified, and licensed by the state. 

Our products and services are world-class, high-quality, and guaranteed to leave an impression no matter what. They are also FDA and USDA compliant, so you can rest assured they meet the standards and are safe to use. There is no job too classy, large, or too small for our hardworking and dedicated workforce.

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