Polished Concrete vs. Epoxy Coating – Weighing Their Differences and Benefits


Several factors come into play when choosing the most appropriate kind of flooring solution. For instance, planning to floor a residential or commercial establishment may have different requirements than an institutional or industrial facility. It can also vary depending on the utility and aesthetic requirements of your establishment. Whatever your reasons are, in the end, you only want an option that best suits your needs and lives up to your expectations.

Fret not because this article will guide you in deciding between a polished concrete vs. epoxy flooring for your space depending on your preferences.

The Difference Between Epoxy Vs. Concrete Polishing

• Epoxy in Focus

Epoxy is distinctly known from regular floor coatings since it fundamentally consists of a chemical compound called epoxy resins. Resinous flooring is produced by polymerizing preparatory compounds: resin and hardener. These two initial products are combined and mixed until they achieve a composite with a glue-like consistency. With the right mixture, the resin and hardener form a chemical bond due to a catalytic reaction. When cured, the chemical bonding results in a durable and resistant plastic material that bonds well to its substrate, typically a concrete layer. The epoxy is popular in a wide array of industries that seek long-lasting and customizable flooring.

• Concrete in a Nutshell

Concrete is a composite material created by mixing water with fine and coarse aggregate (sand, rock, or gravel). Cement, which is generally Portland cement, acts as a binding agent that helps glue the two components together. These materials are heated at a high temperature to refine the aggregate and water mixture. Then the concrete mix is poured on the desired area where it will harden into a durable material.

• Differences

While both flooring solutions use a concrete slab as its foundation substrate, they still provide different flooring surfaces that are better suited for various settings. Concrete polishing involves treating the concrete with chemical penetrant and running a specialized grinding machine across it to achieve a smooth and glossy surface. On the other hand, an epoxy flooring includes chemical treatment of the uppermost layer and pouring a liquid composite on top of it.

Advantages Of Epoxy

Polished concrete is a suitable option for a lot of commercial settings. However, its viability strongly depends on the environment and condition of the concrete slab alone.  For these reasons, its usage is limited, and applying epoxy flooring is more practical. Unlike mechanically polished concrete, resin-based systems offer flexible designs, patterns, and colors while securing your floor’s groundwork. When properly installed, an epoxy flaunts added benefits such as improved impact, puncture, abrasion, water resistance, increased load capacity, and chemical hazards protection (e.g., acids, alkalis, solvents, etc.). Upon installment, resinous floor topcoats amplify its light reflectivity by up to 300% – a thrice-fold increase as compared to what polished concrete delivers, which is only at 100%. Thus, apart from enhancing structural integrity, they are also cost-effective and eco-friendly. Lastly, epoxies are installed in its liquid state, meaning it can cover and rectify surface imperfections that sometimes require slab resurfacing. Hence, saving you dollars that you can spend on something else. These make it an ideal coating for most locations that require a seamless and sturdy finish.

It can be a little tricky to pit polished concrete and epoxy against each other, but the decision still depends on the your flooring needs. Thus, weighing their pros and cons is essential.

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