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Customizable, unique, durable. These describe epoxy coatings. Now that you’re here, we know that you also would like to have in your properties the unmatched qualities of epoxy flooring. Epoxy Phoenix Pros will help you achieve a superb cement floor solution.

Epoxy coating is also known as a one day install floor coating. Application finishes in just a day. The maximum cure time lasts up to 72 hours from the application. More so, if an expert completes the job for you, the results are seamless, perfectly polished. 

Our team works fast; they are reliable and accurate. We have years of experience in this industry. Our professionals are certified, licensed contractors that value professionalism. 

Our goal is to provide client-centered transactions. If you have a dream floor, we will help you achieve that. Unlike other service providers, we work with our clients’ vision. We have experts proficient with epoxy coating services. 

Let us help you match your Indiana properties with top quality floor coating! Call us today. We give free estimates of the flooring project you need!

Coating the Creases: Reseals Old & New Damages on Cement Floors

Cement floors and concrete are durable materials. Made of solid parts, and these can last decades. They provide sturdy surfaces for many areas of your homes or business areas. 

When they get damaged due to many external factors, repairing and resurfacing the cement or concrete is easy. Epoxy coating brings a practical and cost-efficient solution.

What coating is best for you? Can you use the coating for your specific floors at home? How about at your retail spaces? These are concerns every home and business owner needs answers to. 

Another vital concern you want to resolve is if these resinous coatings and sealers are suitable for your old concrete. Good news! The answer is yes.

How does coating work on cement?

Cement floors and concrete usually build the same image in everyone’s mind. But these two construction materials have slight differences. Cement is a component of concrete. Floors can be made of mostly cement and other adhesives and support. 

Cement can also be less costly. That is why, compared to pure soli-based flooring, cement can acquire damages faster. This is a raw material made of primary compounds of silica and calcium. As a base product, cement can be less durable.

If you have cement floors at your properties and are thinking of getting the durable quality, then here is better news for you. You can coat your cement floors with pure-solid resin and hardener combo.

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How can you achieve a superior strength for your cement?

Restoring the cement and the torn slabs can be achieved in many ways. Coating services of epoxy comes in varieties depending on your needs.

You’ve come to the right place. Here for you, let us make you know more about the options epoxy can offer you!

The epoxy coating service that you need depends on the method of application, location—the measure of the site and standard or grade of coating you need to achieve.

Coating for Resealing

Cement can be resealed with epoxy coating. Instead of paints and basic primer, you can spray or coat the cement with solid mixtures and resin coating. It will strengthen the surface. Because of the resin compound, cement will appear as smooth and as sturdy.

Apply as Top Coat

If you cannot have the pure solid ground and need your cement to upgrade, the coating will complete it. Do not mistake the process by applying epoxy-paints. Paints enhanced with resin compounds do not give you the effect of pure solid flooring. You may need to reapply the coating once in a year. Go for epoxy coating all at once!

Epoxy for Adhesion

To replicate a concrete’s durability, coating the cement’s top layer with epoxy is the key. A thicker layer of an epoxy coat can upgrade a cement into a solid toughness!

Resin-based floors serve as the outer and base slab. If you already installed the cement, you can just refinish the cement with a pure-solid mix. This process can be tricky. Call the experts. 

A heavier and thicker solid above the cement can cause more significant damage. So make sure that the coating is measured in accurate proportion for a superb result.

Epoxy Phoenix Pros

To find out the suitable measure of coating to your cement, get in touch, and discuss with us your flooring requirements! Call (602) 560 4548 today!

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