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Industrial and commercial properties use flake chip flooring systems to add chemical-resistance to a seamless, polished floor. Also, well-kept spaces fulfill compliance with sanitary protocols. Using innovative methods, you can secure safe and hazard-free surroundings. Add to that the current times that require everyone to stay away in areas that jeopardize their health. No doubt that innovative products are the ones for you! Brace for these floors, which are incredibly easy to clean!

So, to offer that protection and ease, flake chip floors come to delight you. 

Get rid of risks of disease-carrying bacteria that may loom in your concrete surfacings that are found at home and business areas. Get the latest and the best flake chip color blends and designs. 

We at Epoxy Phoenix AZ, offer vast color choices to mix and match the floor styles you like! Not only that, we custom match installations to a set of requirements each client provides.

Our flake chip floors do not just style and produce artistic flooring epoxy patterns. But, we also aim to provide clients ADA-approved surfaces. Ensure safety at each step. With concrete floors that resist stains and chemicals, every residential and commercial property will be safe and sound.

What is Epoxy Flake Chip Flooring Phoenix?

Get the benefits of an epoxy flooring that is ideal for health facilities and well-sanitized areas. Epoxy flooring Phoenix is suitable for medical lab use, food manufacturing areas, kitchen areas, and more! The flake epoxy floors provide stylish designs to top it all!

That results in ease when cleaning. The floor becomes incredibly smooth, clear, and well-managed. It leaves stain-free, zero dirt surfaces whenever you find it. 

A decorative floor is produced by mixing first coat epoxy and adding flakes of resin paint and vinyl chips on the final coat. A colorful pattern emerges on the surface. 

Flakes and chips come in different small sizes. You can choose from standard sizes of chip flakes. Or, make a variety of outcomes when you combine custom and specialized flake chip designs.

How Flake Chips Come Into Life?

Splatters of paints now turn into the beautiful decor on the flooring. Wouldn’t you also like floors that are three times stronger than your regular concrete? So, if you like a flooring system that does not overpower a simple, functional look, the chip floors with flakes are your absolute choice.

The flake designs may come out as coarse or fine textures. They leave an impression of a flaking or chipping surface. But, looking at it closely, the concrete surface remains smooth, even, and polished. 

Installers will broadcast the chip and flakes over the final coat. The little resin flakes resemble the confetti pieces. But they appear light, and somehow they are shaped linear and edgy. Wherein the vinyl chips come in an enhancement to the epoxy coating.

Get the benefits of an epoxy flooring that is ideal for health facilities and well-sanitized areas. Ready to accompany you in every action. 

Benefits of Flake Chip Flooring

Many choose epoxy floors with flakes not only of its simply stunning and easy on the eye look. These floors are great among industrial and commercial facilities. They create a less complicated look for busy spaces and would rather have improved function than form.

To top your stunning floors, here are the best of the benefits of having flake chip epoxy floors: 

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  • Covers Up Common Flaws

Chaotic or messy floorings inspire the idea of chip-flake floors. Chipping is known to all as flooring damage that peels the top cement layers off. So, chip floor patterns turn this look into an innovative decor. The splattered patterns hide any imperfections on the floors.

  • Industrial-Grade Durability

Installing these floor coatings gives you the strength of the three most durable materials. The flake chip epoxy combines concrete, vinyl materials, and epoxy coatings. Your small retail stores or restaurant kitchens will remain smooth and polished having these.

  • UV resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Water and Stain resistant
  • Chemical Resistant

Enhanced with chip colors and flake designs, you’ll provide the floors easy cleaning and maintenance. Any chemical or stains will not get stuck on the surface. This is mainly the reason why health facilities and medicinal labs choose these high-grade floors. Add these to the epoxy garage floor. These spaces are the ones to beat.

  • 0-Bacteria Growth

How can your floors protect you from bacteria and disease-carrying organisms? A flooring usually has proteus layers. Tiny gaps and pin-sized holes made up the material. A ground gets exposed to different foot activities. The steps can acquire various microorganisms that can live within small spaces. 

A vinyl chip floor over epoxy with flakes additives seals the layers of the concrete flooring. Every surface locks in and fills gaps. The smooth surface also makes way for fast and easy cleaning. It gives no time for bacteria to inhibit life on it thus making it a safe flooring option.

  • Emits Low VOC

Low VOC means that the floors do not emit harmful, invisible substances. Concrete flooring is a porous material that, once it gets exposed to air, water, and heat, reacts and dissolves certain industrial fumes from the ground and into the air. When the epoxy coating covers the concrete surface, these emission gets locked in the substrate. Also, the additives over the layer sealed it to perfection. You can as well say that chip flake floors have zero VOC emission.

Phoenix Epoxy Flake Chip Application Areas

Provide the absolute solution for your high traffic and heavy use areas with epoxy chip flooring installation. You can bing sanitary compliant and chemical-safe surfacings among:

» Retail Areas

Chip flake floors are good fixes for small business spaces. For minimal design requirements and quick installation, these floors are the way to go. It is easy to incorporate the flake chip patterns into any space. It quickly sets a stylish vibe to fit into retail spaces to appeal to audiences. No business downtime =, as well, with the one-day install system epoxy provides.

» Healthcare

Chemical resistance and 24/7 sanitized spaces are the benefits of epoxy floorings that you need. With areas that work with chemicals, hardcore stains, and hardcore cleaners, the easy-to-clean chip floors make it the best choice for health facilities.

» Vet Clinics 

Provide pet-friendly spaces with epoxy. The smooth floors reduce the presence of animal hair and odor on the floors. Make your places safe no only for humans but also for man’s best friends as well.

» Offices 

Assure you workspaces of zero accidents and protect the people around you. A commercial epoxy enhanced with chip and flake coating creates highly slip-resistant floors. 

» Education Facilities

Learning facilities also need durable floor coating to withstand heavy use and carry maximum foot capacity. Build around the gym, cafeteria, innovative epoxy flooring to protect everyone and prevent slip and trip hazards in a place conducive for learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to epoxy a floor?

Expect to pay six to twelve dollars for a pure resin epoxy floor. some contractors won’t do the preparation process while others include it in their package. Get a quote and consult with contractors who know the value of a well-prepared floor. Don’t risk the price of a cheap epoxy floor without the necessary preparation procedure.

What are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

Though epoxy can seem like a disadvantageous flooring option, there’s a reason why epoxy floors are still used by many home owners around Phoenix. Aside from slip-resistant top coats to deal with any slip hazards, you can also mix components for maximum durability. Add slurry, metallic powder, and flakes and chips to toughen it even more. The installation process is long and challenging so we recommend getting a professional to do it for you.

Are epoxy floors worth it?

Epoxy floors bring raise the durability of your concrete to a whole new level. It not only handles traffic much better, but it’s also stain-resistant and beautiful to look at. You won’t look at concrete the same way once it has epoxy over it.

How long will epoxy floor coating last?

Epoxy floors can last more than decade under low-traffic and with proper maintenance. One of the toughest versions of epoxy are metallic epoxies. They can last up to 30 years! Under high-traffic epoxy may need recoating after 5 to 10 years, depending on the nature of the business.

Why Hire Professional Epoxy Flake Chip Flooring in Phoenix Arizona?

You can opt for DIY epoxy flooring since you can get tons of resources and hacks to revamp your floors. If you have a garage floor to work on, it may seem that you’ll cut more costs when taking matters into your own hands. If it is an industrial area, you need only a high-standard job to complete.

Still, it will matter most when a professional handle the job to you? Why? Mainly because of epoxy’s high retention and super durable features. 

Dedicated with Years of Experience

Once work gets done, there is no point in turning back from the outcome. You want a polished seamless end product. Also, you need to look for license, bonded, and certified contractors. Having to do so will assure that the team you get to work with our skilled and professional to handle everything. Be guided from planning to designing, choosing the color for your chip blends, and until the last finishing. Having years of experience in epoxy flooring installation, experts apply these floor coating with accuracy and precision. 

Reliable Team of Experts

Have less worry, too, when the guys you get for the job value work-ethic. Be satisfied when you only witness a newly finished flooring that has no mess left for you to face.

Epoxy Phoenix Pros

Can’t wait to innovate your spaces with epoxy floor coating systems? Get in touch now with the pros! Contact us @ (502) 694-1042! Choose from color chip blends and custom designs available for you today! FREE QUOTE!

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