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Garage floors and other concrete surfaces sure need a high-grade floor coating for enhanced form and functions. Are you having a hard time fixing constant and recurring issues on your concrete steps? 

Epoxy floors provide stable features. The epoxy floor coatings often create smooth and even levels on the concrete garage floor surfaces. Epoxy Patching Compounds are the best product for garage floor repair and epoxy floors in the Phoenix area. Give it as well to your busy and high traffic interior floors. 

Applying the epoxy coatings and sealer gets done in no time! You can repair small or huge cracks or chipping epoxy coating in the fastest time possible!

The epoxy garage floor coatings repair large cracks, peeling, thin concrete floor creases, and holes on the surface. Can you use a durable epoxy coating to repair and patch damages on epoxy floorings? Absolutely! You’ll surely want to include it in your epoxy flooring repair kit.

Great for installing and maintaining garage floor and other areas at home and various commercial properties!

If this is your first time hearing about epoxy patching and epoxy floor repair, give us a call @ (602) 560-4548! It’s time to revamp your garage floor and other surfaces. Advance and affordable flooring service and product for you ahead!

Phoenix Garage Floor Repair Epoxy & Other Services

Phoenix’s professional epoxy garage floor repair epoxy service brings to your table the best garage floor repair and epoxy patching compound services. An innovative flooring solution to fix the damages, even on epoxy slurry for flake chip flooring.

Provide instant fix and redo your epoxy garage floor and other commercial and residential concrete floorings. A floor coating repair service from our team of professional concrete floor installers only aims to provide quality results. Our crew will ensure that your floors will remain sturdy, well-built, and polished at every turn.

Even if the floor coatings get exposed to heavy-hitting objects and constant heavy traffic, the surface will not surface any problem. 

Get the latest floor coating solutions to repair your garage floor areas. Prevent cracks, chipping, peeling, crazing, and spalling on your indoor and outdoor concrete floor. An epoxy flooring uses a super high resistant coating system. These concrete floorings become three times stronger, making sure that various surfaces like your garage floor, basement, driveways, and more are protected and sealed to perfection.

Can you patch an epoxy flooring?

With this quick, reliable solution at hand, one may ask how to patch using a concrete floor coating? Can you patch a second coat of the epoxy coating to an existing old one? A 100 % YES!  

Concrete patching is a smart move to repair a crack on the floor surface. It is the best repair option, so you won’t have to remove the entire concrete flooring. Or, if you have the floors with a layer of coating, you can give it an easy fix by just applying an epoxy patching compound. 

For obvious cracks that appear from end to end of a concrete floor, a crack filler containing mortar and resin mix will help repair the damages. Some users refer to this process as an epoxy injection. Of course, when the need arises, recoating old epoxy floors is also possible.

What is an Epoxy Patching Compound?

Concrete patching materials contain epoxy compounds. Usually, it has two-part epoxy. The main compounds come as part A the resin, and part B, the hardener.

The two-part epoxy performs as a sealer or coating material to perform various roles. One of these functions is that it serves as a general mortar epoxy that fills holes, seals, and adheres to the concrete’s cracks. It also acts as a waterproof sealant. It is done mainly on an epoxy coating that begins to wear out. 

Epoxy Patching Materials

The concrete patching compounds come in various forms and materials. Below is a list to name some of them:

Epoxy Mortar.  

Mortar acts as a general coating of sealer to fill and seal the typical concrete crack. It cures fast and in levels or disperses on the surface super quick. Only see a smooth, seamless surface as the outcome. 

Depending on where you use the product, use thin mortar for thin cracks and mortar crack filler for general crack repair.

Waterproof or Non-sag Epoxy Patching. 

It is what you need to ask for around for an epoxy patching product. A non-sag gel is a material that has effective adhesion and waterproofing. When you need to seal the epoxy flooring and protect it from water damage or moisture, this is the one to use. 

Epoxy Primer. 

When installing epoxy flooring, a primer is always necessary to apply. Applying primer is what you do to ensure that the floor surface is ready for any coating. 

What you need to know about patch repair, crack filling, extensive repairs

Get the basic steps on how to repair various surfaces through patching.

1- First, prepare and clean the flooring surface.

Preparation of any flooring surface is a must. So, it is only necessary to call the pros once you need to repair the floors. Floor repair preparation requires that you sand, grind or shot-blast the surface. It is essential to clear out the old coatings before applying the second layer of an epoxy sealer.

2- Creating the right epoxy coating mix. 

A professional concrete flooring installer can only get the right proportions when mixing the two-part epoxy. Precise use of the mixing tools will need an expert installer. The epoxy compound needs a good stir before applying it over the surface.

3- Final step for application or for patching floor damages.

Before you perform any step, take note of what type of repair you need to do. Is it patch repairs, crack filling, or extensive repairs? After you get the suitable materials, it is also crucial to ask the right person to do it. You need to fill the spots and patch the surfaces accurately, leaving no trace of mistake and no trail of mess.

Need epoxy coating on your garage floor? Repair or restore the floors’ polished and seamless surface? Contact us today @ (602) 560-4548

What Kind of Floors Need Repair Epoxy

Below are essential areas at home or at any commercial properties where you can apply Phoenix epoxy patch repair and other services.

Residential Concrete Floors

Phoenix residences need not look further. Our company is ready to bring you garage floor repair service, epoxy floors, and coatings anywhere you are. If you got cracks on the concrete garage floor, peeling epoxy coatings in the basement, or even on your outdoor floors, you can rely on our services.

Commercial and Industrial Areas

Get the benefits of a one-day install floor to your garage floor and other commercial spaces to reduce downtime when repair gets going. Epoxy best suits the garage floor area for its high chemical and stain resistance. Also, provide the best high-functional floor coating with epoxy to finish every surface in your high traffic facilities. You can apply and repair with epoxy in the following areas:

  • Garage floor
  • warehouse floors 
  • Concrete bridges
  • Public Access
  • Outdoor and residential culverts 
  • Underground pipes
  • Driveways
  • Patios and balconies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an epoxy floor be repaired?

Epoxy floor repair can be done with epoxy patching compounds. Here are easy steps you can do:
1. Take a razor scraper and take out the parts of the coating that are peeling off.
2. Take some grout and work it around the edges. This is a sealer that needs to be left to dry for several hours. After it’s dried up, you can get a scrubber to remove the excess grout.
3. Get epoxy patching compounds that look the same as your original coating and treat it as a “touch-up”. It won’t look as great as a completely new epoxy floor because of the discrepancy in color. Still, you’ll enjoy the longevity of the epoxy floor just the same.

How long will epoxy floor coating last?

Epoxy flooring will last you 10 years if it’s under manageable traffic. But for areas with high-foot activity and materials being moved back and forth, it won’t go far without resealing. For this, it will last three to five years. This is why resealing is recommended every once or twice a year.

Can you put new epoxy over old epoxy?

Epoxy can only bond with grounded or sanded epoxy with a rough surface. You can put epoxy over old epoxy given that you prepare the surface to allow for a mechanical bond.

Why do epoxy floors fail?

Epoxy floors fail when:
• the surface wasn’t cleared of debris, grime, and substances well
• the material used was low quality (water-based epoxy) that does not really make use of two-part resins.
• the floors were not tested for moisture factors and dew formed underneath the epoxy.

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