Charge the Garage: How much should it cost to epoxy a garage floor?

Epoxy flooring has a variety of applications. According to epoxy flooring experts, they may be used for residential and commercial buildings. To get a good grasp of how much epoxy garage floor costs, begin with knowing what epoxy is and why people prefer it to paint concrete floors. 

Basics of Epoxy Bond

Without getting so scientific, the basics you need to know are the components. Most epoxies contain two parts, known as A and B. By mixing the two parts; epoxy produces chemical responses making a mechanical bond.

This blend streams into small pockets and solidifies. To have a clearer picture of how this bonding process looks, imagine a candle. When the wax is hot and fluid, a wick is effortlessly inserted in and detaches. 

But once that wax cools and dries, similar to when parts A and B are thoroughly blended and cured, the wick can no longer be removed. The distinction with epoxy is that the two parts can never be separated.

Designed for Dirty Duties

epoxy-flooring-for-easy-cleaningMany common uses for epoxies are inside the garage. Mechanic inlets, plane hangers, lab dividers, and other kinds of surfaces, including countertops, get the dirty jobs. Thus it’s important that the floors and surfaces in these areas quickly clean. Moreover, it must bear an aesthetic appeal.

Depending on the image or effect you want to achieve, the price you need to allot varies.

Sometimes, bits of paint chips or colored sand is visible on top of the final coat. There are two main reasons for this addition of small particles. One is an added grip, offering a safe surface to walk on when damp. Another reason is to include a custom touch to their floor. 

Installation Factors

Another important thing is carefully prepping the existing slabs before installing any hard coatings on top. A well-prepared floor cuts unnecessary costs.

Below are ways to effectively prepare the slabs before applying the top coating.

Etching.  In case the concrete is generally old and heavily used, a muriatic acid-etch can revitalize the surface. The acid reacts with the lime within the concrete. Typically this is the most straightforward way to prepare the concrete floor. 

Pressure Washing. The chalky surface remains after the chemical reactions, so it must be cleared by several washes. Pressure washing cleanses thoroughly, and it is only required at least once a year. 

The intense blow of the water will clear out any particles stuck on the surface. If not cleared, the surface will create gaps between the floor and the epoxy paint, which will not give a proper grip.

Grinding. When the floor includes a parcel of oil or other contaminants that can not be cleaned, a grinding process is needed. Grinding removes the top layer of concrete, making a rough surface smoother. It is essential to remove any excess dust before applying the epoxy.

Maintenance for Cutting the Costs

cleaners-cleaning-epoxy-floorBesides the pre-installation requirements, you also need to consider giving credits to post-construction, such as maintenance.  

Regular Maintenance. Regular care for your epoxy garage floors will not break your bank. Only use damp cloth or mop with a simple soap-water solution; then you’re good to go.

Professional Repairs and Restoration. Sometimes, garage floors need no expensive revamp. An epoxy coating is your remedy for common flaws. Let the flooring experts evaluate the garage surfacings’ conditions. Get the right piece of advice. It will save you chunks of expenses.


Finalizing the Cost

Due to all these considerations, the final project cost might scare you but not to worry! The standard epoxy flooring begins around $2/sq ft up to $10/sq ft for your general reference. A typical garage floor more often than not falls between $2-$4/sq ft, but as you include custom wrapping or if the surface needs preparations, you might want to prepare a budget that won’t sacrifice the quality. Of course, getting the right flooring contractor could help you find the right price. If you’re interested, check out our garage epoxy services!

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