Fix it Like a Pro: Can you touch up epoxy?

Floor coating that lifts off and peels from the ground is a common issue with epoxy floors. Flaws are inevitable. In that case, epoxy floors need some touching up. You need to fix it even after careful application of the floor coating. So, can you touch up the epoxy?

From the previous posts, you learned how to recoat old epoxy floors over various forms of damages. For today’s post, find out how to fix minor epoxy issues and the reasons behind them!

Quick and more solutions to common epoxy flooring query ahead. Do you want to know how to patch epoxy? Or, if can you epoxy over old epoxy?

man putting epoxy on the floor

What are common and minor epoxy woes?

Peeling Epoxy

It is common for epoxy garage floors to peel off. Why so? The reason is simple. Peeling happens due to a lack of strong adherence. The term for this condition is “smooth surface.” That occurs when the concrete surface lacks grinding.

Flaking or chipping

Epoxy flooring coat tearing

A little worse than peeling is flaking or chipping. At first, look peeling, and flaking may get used interchangeably. But the difference that you will notice is that when flaking happens, a chunk of concrete layers goes with the coating. 

Aside from weak mechanical bonding, the slab also got a weak substrate. These conditions happened when the floor coating did not undergo proper preparation.

Contaminated floor

Contamination is a minor issue that occurs due to coating without completely grinding or sanding the surface. The epoxy floor coating does not chip or flake, but a spotted surface comes out as the coat cures. Blotches appear on the surface. 

There’s a flake-chip pattern for stylish epoxy flooring, but his contamination is not what you want. The result looks undesirable. So will you fix it?

Bubbling epoxy for not mixing it properly

Another common mistake is when you don’t mix the epoxy properly. The consistency may be too dense or too smooth. The thick coating will not adhere properly to the surface. So curing the epoxy will take time. While it cures, air will get inside the layer, causing bubbles to form.

Next, topics give you the fixes for the minor epoxy mistakes. Get your touch-up epoxy repair kit. Check the following if you have these in your tool cabinet:

These are just the essential tools you need to keep in hand. You might need more as you read the solutions below.

Touch up Peeling and Flaking Epoxy with Paint Stripper

First, you need to check if the floors got to mess up so bad. When the sealer had peeled away, the concrete surface now becomes prone to damages.

What you want to do here is to make the floors look new again. Here’s what to do:

Damaged Epoxy Floor1- Restore deep cracks or abrasion. 
2- Scrape and clean the surface. 
3- Pour methylene chloride to soften the existing epoxy coating.
4- Use a 3-inch grit scraper to remove the peeling epoxy.
5- Leave the solvent solution 20 to 40 minutes on the surface.
6- Clean the residues with a degreaser.
7- Wash the surface twice.
8- Apply epoxy coating twice. Apply the epoxy coating with a base coating and a final coating.

Recover the Glossy Surface from Contaminated Concrete

To erase the blotches due to contaminants to epoxy, you need to scrape and remove the existing coating. 

Here is what you need to do:

epoxy flooring damaged due to quality issue1- Scrub the surface to remove the old contaminated coating
2- Scrub the surface and use a degreasing agent, then wash.
3- Use an acidic cleaner to wash off the grease, oils, and chemicals stuck on the concrete surface.
4- Dry the surface thoroughly.
5- Perform a final scrub-rinsing twice to open the pores of the concrete
6- Time for coating (be sure to dry the surface before applying any product)

Finishing Touches

There you go! Those are quick eight steps essential to fixing minor flaws on your new or old epoxy flooring. If unsure how accurate you are in following these steps, do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals at Epoxy Phoenix. Letting the experts do the job will save you both minor and major repairs.

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