7 Popular Arizona-Style Homes Designs Ideas in Phoenix This 2021

Have you recently moved or planning to move to Phoenix? It’s time to spice up your home, the Arizona way. Known as Southwestern style, this casually elegant style draws its inspiration from nature and the Spanish and Pioneer settlers that populated the American Southwest in the 18th and 19th centuries. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it oozes ethnicity and warmness.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you can style your homes to match the majestic Grand Canyon and the splendid Sonoran desert, read today’s blog!

Explore different Arizona-style home designs you can try out in Phoenix and other things that will turn your home into a Southwestern haven.

7 Ideas You Can Try Out for Your Homes in Arizona

Here are some Arizona style home designs that you can try out in your home:

1. Abundance of Wood

Wood is an outstanding feature in Arizona homes. The high plateaus of the Rocky Mounts and New Mexico are abundant with various species of trees. Arizona utilizes a combination of wood such as maple, oak, cherry, hickory, or pine for your ceiling, countertops, doors, windows, or even the flooring. Not only eye-catching, but wood is also durable and versatile.

2. Metal Details

Apart from wood, metal also plays an essential role in achieving the Arizona style. Various steels serve as an embellishment to your cupboards, furnishings, and wall surface art, consisting of metalwork in rack braces. Wrought iron adds a Southwestern vibe to your large, heavy pine doors. You can also utilize your exposed metal beams’ functionality to add an industrial feel to your modern Southwestern home.

epoxy flooring phoenix

3. Flooring Options

Some standard floor options of the Arizona home floors include lozenge, brick, or square. Terracotta tiles are also components of house floor designs. Again, you can try to create an optical illusion floor to mimic wood, tiles, or even bring the desert sand inside your very home with epoxy flooring. 

What is excellent about this flooring is that it doesn’t only create a visually appealing floor design, it’s also long-lasting. Impact and chemical resistant, epoxy flooring withstands the extreme Arizona climate, making it ideal for garage coatingsIt is also versatile as you can add colors, flake chips, and even 3D images if you have a bigger budget. That being said, many have tried to complete an epoxy floor DIY but nothing beats the quality of expert flooring done by a contractor. See to it that you only hire Arizona Home flooring experts to get a professional epoxy flooring installation.

Since epoxy is a tricky flooring option, watch out for these common flooring installation mistakes.

4. Textured Walls

Walls are never dull when it comes to Arizona-style home design. Characterized by non-uniform, unusual, organic patterns, you can achieve these by using some creative painting or textured techniques with the help of a joint compound sprayer and a large drywall knife. You may also add Kokopelli wall art and geometric patterns to complete that Southwestern vibe.

5. Arizona Colors

The Sonoran Desert reminds you of different shades of brown and orange and the abundance of green cactus and its flowers ranging from red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Coincidentally, these colors would also remind you of breathtaking Arizona sunsets. You can employ these colors in your furniture, wall accents, and décor. 

6. Southwestern Patterns 

Another vital element of this style is neutral-colored rugs with geometric patterns. You can also add a deep red or dark purple rug since the desert features so many bright colors. Is collecting some Native American Indian-inspired items your thing? Then collect items with their patterns in the form of a rug, blanket, or other stuff, and bring them to your home.

7. Native American Handicrafts

Pottery and weaving are part of the Native American heritage that is still reflective in many Arizona homes. Accessorize your home with some Navajo pottery, ceramic statues, dreamcatchers, and woven baskets.


Southwestern style melds all elements from multiple cultures and periods from history. But these styles can also translate to modern homes today. Plus, you don’t need to break the bank if you want to achieve this look. You can always find contractors and budget deals anywhere in Arizona for your décor and design needs. Discuss with a trusted flooring company for anything professional installation matters. This way, you can achieve your dream Arizona-style home design while you’re on a budget.

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