3D Epoxy Flooring Ideas

3D epoxy floors incorporate angled images along with a series of translucent layers to achieve amazing 3D effects. The finished product features animals, plants, fish, coral, and even waves that appear to pop up in your own bedroom! Such mind-blowing realism cannot be achieved with rubber, laminate, tile, or wooden flooring, only 3D epoxy flooring can. 

Here are some of the awe-inspiring 3D epoxy flooring ideas there is: 

Tropical Kitchens


Tropical fishes,  palm trees, and coral reef? The possibilities are endless when it comes to the things you can do in your home once you tap into your creative side. To experience this wacky 3D flooring trend in full-effect, why not have one installed in areas of your home that you spend most of your time? Imagine cooking your favorite meal with tropical palm trees as your backdrop and coral reef on your flooring. Such scenery gives a whole new meaning to the term staycation. 

Wild Imagery


While waterscape and aquatic life seem to be the more popular choices for 3D epoxy flooring, other designs that feature other natural forms and scenery are available for you to explore. You can choose anything from towering city skylines, rocky streams with foliage,  to different combinations of shapes and objects. When it comes to designing a unique and eye-popping look for any of your rooms, the possibilities are truly boundless with this type of flooring. 

Oceanic Bathrooms


The bathroom is another part of your house that you spend a lot of time in.  Kick it up a notch with impressive designs such as a coral reef or ocean scenery. They will fit in nicely with the other bathrooms fixtures, complementing them for a more enhanced look, and more relaxing experience for you. If you have a specific image in mind that you want to display, it can be printed on a specialized photo printer, then set to the size and pattern of the floor. The image can be adjusted accordingly to fit the size and shape of the room. 

If you want to get creative and have a surplus of resources, you might want to consider having a 3D epoxy flooring for your home. It provides the epic scenery you’ve always wanted and transforms any room in your house into a stunning work of art. That’ll make you want to spend more time at home, especially in winter, when the 3D designs give off vacation vibes that you and your family are surely going to enjoy.

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